1: Your story

Your story

We start with listening to your story: you are the most welcome guest in our house.

1: Pre-production


We perfect your story by creating the right concept for your specific needs. We are also known to venture outside of the box and we encourage our partners to do so as well.

1: Production and post

Production and post

From 4K films to animations we can create everything in-house. Our hard-boiled workflow is tested to assure hassle-free productions.

1: Publishing and analytics

Publishing and analytics

From web to mobile, from TV to silver screen; we know the right channels and want your story to be seen, too! With correct set of tools we can also measure your return of investment.

Selected works

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F-Secure Freedome


American Express Offline Store


Favela Funk Finlândia


Visit Helsinki Region


Eevil Stöö – Iso Vauva Jeesus


Kynsin Hampain – Art of the title


Forum Hintasirkus




Animation Reel


Troll Scientists – 23



Balansia sounds

Balansia Sounds is dedicated to top notch audio post production. From sound design and music composition to recording voice overs and mixing the final sound to perfection, we will cater to whatever your project requires. We handle all formats from EBU broadcast standards and movie theatre dynamics to crafting loud mixes for all online platforms. Our sound studio is located at Arabia, Helsinki, consisting of a high end control room and a recording room. Both professionally equipped and acoustically treated. The studio is also built having your comfort in mind and there are all the facilities to make you feel at home. We even have a sauna!

Balansia sound studio

Hämeentie 155 C 4 krs.
00560 Helsinki

+358 (0)40 7713100

Who we are

Terjo Aaltonen

Terjo Aaltonen

Director / Cinematographer
+35850 356 5488
Swati Goyal

Swati Goyal

Producer / Client Director
+35850 433 3796
Elmeri Kauko

Elmeri Kauko

Project Manager / Producer
+35845 880 1121
Kalle Ståhlberg

Kalle Ståhlberg

Account Manager
+35840 125 2202
Teemu Antero

Teemu Antero

Post Director
+35840 875 7545
Juha Potka

Juha Potka

Sound Designer / Director
+35840 771 3100
Ville Vierikko

Ville Vierikko

Director / Editor
+35840 581 1518
Ville Salmisalo

Ville Salmisalo

Aerial Shots / Hustler
+35845 123 4962
Lassi Vierikko

Lassi Vierikko

+35850 537 8758

Get in touch

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Balansia films

Office Vanha Talvitie 19 A 00580 Helsinki Finland

Sales & enquiries

Swati Goyal Producer / Client Director +358 50 433 3796

Creative Direction

Terjo Aaltonen Director / Cinematographer +358 50 356 5488

Post Direction

Teemu Antero Post Director +358 40 875 7545


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