Balansia Films Showreel.

OnePlus - Here’s Our 7

We had the pleasure to post direct, animate, compose music and sound design this bad boy for OnePlus. Thanks Kameron and Vanite for the collabo!

Talent: Lewis Collier
Director: Lauri Tamminen / T2
Producer: Iina Vinnari / Kameron
Cinematographer: Jukka Moisio
Gaffer: Jani Pinomaa
Wardrobe & Make-up: Siiri Sirviö
Post Director: Teemu Antero / Balansia Films
Post Production: Teemu Antero / Balansia Films & Mikko Miettinen / Vanite
Music & Sound Design: Juha Potka / Balansia Films
Edit: Joni Aapaoja / Kameron
Grade: Teemu Antero / Balansia Films
Executive Producer: Juho Harjula / Kameron


“You know a situation where you are partying at a club, you are high and drunk and you wanna do something with someone while knowing it’s a bad idea? Hot Problems is about that urge. You wanna let go and give in, but you’re afraid to do that because something dark, selfish and inhumane might be released.”


Track written, produced, performed and mixed by Detalji. Mastered by Henkka Niemistö.


Production Company: Balansia Films


Katariina Männikkö
Rosa Salomaa
Oksana Lommi

Teemu Kilponen
Kalle Hellman

Honda Prelude
Teemu Antero

Directors: Teemu Antero & Patrik Sundberg

DP: Patrik Sundberg
Edit: Teemu Antero & Patrik Sundberg
1st AC: Nestori Majoinen
Gaffer: Juha-Matti Partinen
Lighting Technician: Marko Sinkkonen
Stylist: Riia Kallinen
Make up: Silja Nuotio
Hustler: Kalonen
Grade: Sarrah Wilkman/Grade One
Producer: Swati Goyal

Special Thanks!

Car Crane Moviement
Kinos Rentals
Aleksi Salmisalo

All the extras!


Label: Left Bank Recordings // leftbankrecordings.com
Booking: All Day Agency // allday.fi

Kaslink / TV Spot 5 x 20 sec.

Client: Kaslink
Agency: Zeeland Family
Production Company: Balansia Films

Director: Ville Vierikko
DoP: Patrik Sundberg
Sound design: Juha Potka
Producer: Swati Goyal

Talents: Heikki Kinnunen & Enni Rukajärvi

Clash Royale - Creating a Card: Goblin Cage!

Client: Supercell

Director: Ville Vierikko
Producer: Swati Goyal
DOP: Patrik Sundberg
Gaffer: Marko Sinkkonen
Sound: Karri Neenberg & Juha Potka
Editor: Ville Vierikko
Sound designer: Juha Potka


Director's cut.

SEASON 2017-18 & 2018-19

F-Secure Freedome

Client: F-Secure
Production Company: Balansia Films

Director & Animation: Teemu Antero
Producer: Mari Hakala
Creative: Terjo Aaltonen
3D modeler: Aki Harra
Sound Designer: Juha Potka
Song: Über Creative

STARK - Vahva vuodesta 1868

Client: Stark Suomi
Agency: Miller Lean
Director: Ville Vierikko
Producer: Swati Goyal
Talent: Seppo Riiho
Production assistant: Rosa Nykänen
DOP: Patrik Sundberg
Gaffer: Santeri Siirtonen
Camera-assistant: Essi Hyrkki
Best boy: Marko Sinkkonen
Editor: Teemu Antero
Sound Designer: Juha Potka
Colour Correction: Grade One

JOKERIT / TV Spot for Season Start 2018-2019

Client: Jokerit Helsinki

Director: Teemu Antero
Producer: Swati Goyal
Cinematographer: Patrik Sundberg
Gaffer: Senja Ruohonen
1st AC: Nestori Majoinen
Sound Designer and Composer: Juha Potka

Hay day - Lemon Cake

Client: Supercell / Sheila Ndungu
Production company: Balansia Films
Food Stylist: Alex Nurmi
Baker: Aissata Diarra
Producer: Swati Goyal
DOP: Patrik Sundberg
2nd camera: Marko Sinkkonen
Gaffer: Santeri Siirtonen
Set Design: Kaisa Pohjola
Grade: Sarrah Wilkman / Gradeone

Kari Tapiiri - Henkäys

Director: Teemu Antero

Crew: Marko Sinkkonen, Tapio Luhtasaari, Aapo Nikkanen, Marlo Snellman

Song: Kari Tapiiri
Producer: Didier Selin

MALLA - Sabrina

Production by Balansia Films
Producer - Swati Goyal & Malla
Dir - Malla & Ima Iduozee
DP - Patrik Sundberg
1st AC - Elis Lindfors
Gaffer - Senja Ruohonen
Lighting Technicians - Marko Sinkkonen, Rosa Mäkinen
Set Design - Iida Hyytinen
Editing - Malla & Patrik Sundberg
Graphic and motion design - Teemu Antero
Colorist -Sarrah Wilkman / Grade One
Hustler - Kalonen
Make up and hair - Miika Kemppainen, Joonas Lampi
Style by Patisse A Lody
Choreographer - Ima Iduozee

Performing Artists:

Senna Vodzogbe
Martin Gandolfo
Sasha Wolf
Rebecca Viitala
Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon
Erina Giuseppe Francesco
Paul Flanders
Lauren Lehtinen
Wera Malmivaara
Emanuel Pöllänen
Marika Peura
Hilma Kotkaniemi
Jessica Piacecki
Sara Paasikoski
Selma Fikerte Kauppi
Oksana Lommi
Max Penkert
Henrik Hammarberg
Nenna Tyni
Niina Koponen
Boris Nordin
Miika Kemppainen
Lydia Ofi Teresia
Kelet Ali
Heikki Mahlamäki
Wilhelm Enckell
Aurora Manninen

Sideways aftermovie 2018

Aftermovie for the music festival Sideways which was held in Helsinki, Finland in June 2018.


Shot with Canon 814az super 8mm film camera, Sony FS-700, and Sony A7 II (plus a couple of mobile phones).

Canon CN-E lenses provided by Kinos rentals.

Directors: Patrik Sundberg & Swati Goyal
Producer: Swati Goyal
Cinematographers: Patrik Sundberg and Marko Sinkkonen
Sound designer: Juha Potka
Editor: Patrik Sundberg
Music: Ruusut feat.Paperi T - 555
Production company: Balansia Films
Client: Fullsteam Records / Anna Mäkelä, Johannes Kinnunen and Artemi Remes

Making a Clash Royale Character / Community content

Client: Supercell
Production Company: Balansia Films

Director: Ville Vierikko
DoP: Patrik Sundberg
Sound design: Juha Potka
Producer: Swati Goyal

Talent: Brice Laville Saint-Martin (3D Designer)

Film vs. Sound

“Lets get a 30$ song from the catalog and mix it with the voice-over”

Sound familiar? Emphasis on the word sound.

Ever since sound was introduced to the moving pictures in 1923 it’s been the fuel for creating emotions and a sense of space in the story. We think that sound design doesn’t get the respect it deserves and thus we crafted this homage to Sound in all it’s creative forms.

Try it yourself and see how much sound matters to you.


Kynsin Hampain - Art of the title

Director & animator: Teemu Antero

Phantom - Dance

“Dance is a song about life’s own prototypes in love, lust and humanity’s paradoxal ideals. Doors in black hallways, a dawn in the pitch black night, a violin march band on the deathbed of a thousand dreams, and the ashes of which new life can be born, the magic and beauty that require pain and compromise but can’t be found when looking for. Dance is a love song for the most obvious hiding under the surface. It is a comfort song for the life-sentenced. It is a calling song, for the risks worth taking.”


Band: Hanna Toivonen, Tommi Toivonen
Director & Editor: Teemu Antero 1983
Production Company: Balansia Films | balansiafilms.com
DoP & Creative: Patrik Sundberg
Camera & Light crew: Arttu Liimatta & Nestori Majoinen
Hustlers: Elmeri Kauko & Kiki Ylimutka
Cube Visuals: Janne Ahola | Matlock Visuals
Kinect Visuals: Z Vector
Lights: Mikko Törrönen | Re-Strike Lightning
3D artist: Darra | Decaf
Dancer: Karolina Ginman
Glitter Artist: Aurora Manninen | Glitternisti
Costumes provided by: Radhica | Taru Latvala
Venue: Ääniwalli

Thanks: Eero Heinonen | ART Slow, Ilona Partanen, Terjo Aaltonen, Ville Vierikko, Swati Goyal, Juha Potka


IBM MobileFirst for iOS.

Agency: Havas Worldwide Helsinki / Marko Vuorinen
Production Company: Balansia Films / Swati Goyal
Director: Terjo Aaltonen
Cinematographer: Mika Tervonen

Eevil Stöö - Iso Vauva Jeesus (MUSIC VIDEO)

Ohjaus & leikkaus | Teemu Antero 1983
Kuvaus | Terjo Aaltonen
Tuottaja | Mari Lehtinen
Animaattori | Tomi Seppälä

Favela Funk Finlândia

The legendary Brazilian musician and activist Marcelo Yuka invited the Finnish musicians Gracias, Paleface, Flam and the actor Joonas Saartamo to Rio de Janeiro. The goal was to take part in local cultural work, organize workshops for youth in housing projects, make a song and perform – all this in less than a week. The most important guideline: when you go into the favela, you have to make sure you give more than what you receive. The trip resulted in Favela Funk Finlândia, a compelling documentary that receives its world premiere in DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival.

Director: Terjo Aaltonen
Producer: Jenni Jauri
DoP: Tuukka Kovasiipi